“The latin name Impatiens means “impatience” and may refer to the plant’s quickness in dispersing its seeds. The name jewelweed  probably describes the beautiful scene on a dewy morning when the points on the leaves each hold a silvery drop of liquid, or the way raindrops bead on the surface of the leaves. Other observers point to the way the flowers hang down like lovely earrings.”

from “A Guide To Enjoying Wildflowers” by Donald & Lillia
This plant in early spring presents itself in very miniature form on the forest floor. Almost unrecognizable as to its future growth form. I was baffled by this plant for a long time. Ultimately I understood that this symmetry was the beginning of the jewelweed. The  symmetry of the growth presented in the observation of the leafs, first two, then four, then eight as the plant gains strength and stature rising ever higher till the late summer when the blossoms appear in late fall. A journey of delight from May till August